CSR / SustainableTourism


There are a lot of factors that are directly and indirectly affected by Tourism. We may not often realize the impact that our holidays or Tours could have on others. The Tourism industry all across the world is growing at a fast pace. The rapid growth in the industry does affect the environment in some or the other way.
Luxury India Holidays organizes and schedules tours all over India and various destinations outside India as well. We understands that we have some corporate social responsibility (CSR) towards the environment and the society as a whole
Luxury India Holidays, along with our mother company, India Insight Tours have promised to do our bit for the society and to promote and advocate sustainable tourism or eco tourism.
We are a part of the projects
Travel Operators For Tigers (TOFT) – LIH aims to preserve the natural wildlife
READ Global.- WE believe in Empowering the rural community.
Earth Saviours Foundation – We help with regular donations and food supplies.
Recently, to celebrate The Indian Independence Day, the entire team was out on the streets distributing sweets and interacting with our Traffic Police and Policemen. They are the ones who keep us safe, day in and day out.
A small percentage, but a substantial amount from our profits are regularly set aside for these projects.